pátek 11. listopadu 2011


Hey, today, when I washed my hair, I did hairstyle, which I liked it. And I needed new profile photo. And This is result. Do you like it?


Yesturday, we have art and we painted on our face. It was interesting. You can see result :D


In Wednesday, we have lesson of art and we do Bethlehem for a Christmas time. Our group do Maria, second group does Joseph and third group does little baby.
But we havn't traditional Bethelem! Joseph have a dreadlock and Maria have a piercing in nose? Didn't believe? Look! :D


First moth behind me :)

In Tuesday, I went home and I thought all the time. And not alone. Jonas was with me, and he was in seventh heaven :D


Ok, so next day, I studied math for big test. I hate math and I always will. But this test was too easy for me. What's surprise :D


Hi! Sorry, I had full week of learning.
Big test from math (2-B, yeah!),
biology (3-C, it should be better, but next time, in Monday :D),
physics (I don't know mark),
english (1-, super :)
civics (2... It don't mind)
geography (testing , but teacher didn't it)
history (I want be tested, but next time :)
... And our class teacher went to the maternity leave after over 4 years, so we have new class teacher, our teacher from geography and biology. And we will have him for more 4 years. But in my opinion, he is cool and he is quite funny :D

Next news? Hmm, I don't know about nothing more. So let's go to thephotos!

This is my cousin, his girlfriend in foreground  and husband of his siser in background. My mamma had birhday party and we composed matryoshka doll. :D

pondělí 7. listopadu 2011